The realization of Self

You have probably heard that we all have untapped potential! Its name varies according to the schools of thought.

- How to define this potential?
- What are the conditions of access?
- What do the traditional texts tell us about it?
- Why can the practice of meditation or yoga help us to actualize who we really are?

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tous les êtres sont des bouddhas

What is the Self?

We hear a bit of everything and its opposite on this subject!

At first, we can already state that:

❌ Our potential is not to be understood only
from a psychological point of view in the traditional texts.

✔️ It is also to discover our spiritual dimension.

❌ It is not possible to actualize it completely
overnight "by chance", or "intuitively".

✔️ A minimum framed path is proposed, validated,
and transmitted for generations.

❌ Some say that it is not possible to talk about it
because it is beyond ordinary reason.

✔️ Ineffability does not prevent showing the way and the fruit.

A great deal at stake!
Recognizing what we really are
is the key to happiness,
of fulfillment 😎

This training addresses this notion with :

- a simple, clear, grounded, practice-based approach

- academic and traditional resources

🤩 Several years of research
condensed into just a few hours,
to give you a solid foundation on this topic!

How to resist? 🤩


Sandy Hinzelin has a PhD in philosophy and is an associate researcher at PHIER (University of Clermont Auvergne), a lecturer at INALCO in Paris, and a lecturer in yoga schools. She also teaches Kum Nye Tibetan yoga and offers professional training in yoga philosophy.

She is the author of:

Habiter le moment présent : une perspective bouddhique de l’espace-temps (Sully, 2022) 

Les 12 lois du karma : Changer sa vision de soi et du monde (co-écrit avec Anaka, Jouvence, 2021)

Tous les êtres sont des Bouddhas. Traduction et commentaires du Traité qui montre la nature de Bouddha du Troisième Karmapa (Sully, 2018):

Available in english "All beings are Buddhas"

She has also translated works by Tarthang Tulku and published several articles.


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  • A rich and complete program of practical philosophy
  • To better understand how the realization of the non-self reveals the Self
  • Develop more structured and open thinking