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De 12 wetten van Karma

Gebruik de universele principes van karma voor een positieve verandering bij jezelf en in de wereld

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All beings are Buddhas

Each of us has the possibility to become awakened, to perceive reality as it is, and to liberate ourselves from what enchains us and leads us to dissatisfaction. No one is excluded, the only condition is to remove the different veils that cover what is already there. This situation can be compared to a person sitting on a treasure, except that the latter is buried underground. It is only by digging that we will take advantage of it, any search at the surface of the ground will not lead anywhere. Consciousness is also a treasure, but it remains inaccessible as long as perception lacks depth. Which path is to be walked to see what we truly are? How is awakened consciousness, Buddhahood, characterized? In the Treatise on Pointing Out Buddha Nature, the 3rd Karmapa Rangjung Dorje (1284-1339), Tibetan master from the Kagyü lineage concisely presents Buddha nature, and he gives some elements to see it directly. Based on this treatise and a commentary from Jamgön Kongtrul Lodrö Thayé (1813–1899), a phenomenological approach is offered to touch on these questions.

Sandy Hinzelin has a PhD in philosophy and is an associate researcher at PHIER (University of Clermont Auvergne), a lecturer at INALCO in Paris, and a lecturer in yoga schools. She also teaches Kum Nye Tibetan yoga and offers professional training in yoga philosophy.


She is the author of:

Habiter le moment présent : une perspective bouddhique de l’espace-temps (Sully, 2022) 

Les 12 lois du karma : Changer sa vision de soi et du monde (co-écrit avec Anaka, Jouvence, 2021)

Tous les êtres sont des Bouddhas. Traduction et commentaires du Traité qui montre la nature de Bouddha du Troisième Karmapa (Sully, 2018) : available in english « All beings are Buddhas »


She has also translated works by Tarthang Tulku and published several articles. More details on the « Publications » page.

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