Setting goals

Setting goals
12 octobre 2018 cecilia

Keeping financial commitments taught us that if we are dedicated to a goal, how we actually get there will more or less unfold by itself. The difficulties and obstacles we encountered often indicated that the target was not clearly laid out or that we had ignored the guiding vision. Once we made up our mind, the vision seemed to inform us of what to do next, bringing up the goal to life once more.

In any business or work, there is always a vision beckoning to us in the distance. Once we recognize the signs our longing to achieve the vision will draw us forward, even if it remains uncertain where it will lead us next or how and when we will reach the goal. We find ourselves on the journey of a lifetime, with the goal like a compass in the back of our minds. If we hold it there and keep a light focus on it it will certainly show us the way, sooner or later.

Arnaud Maitland, MasterWork, p.14